4.21.10 Red Sox at Iron Pigs - Welcome Matt (sorry)

Red Sox win, 8-4. Daisuke Matsuzaka was the story of the day, I suppose, but not for me!

Lefty Joe Savery was the losing pitcher for Lehigh Valley. With a name like that, Savery should be a) a closer, or b) Italian seasoning. Can you imagine that category on $10,000 Pyramid? Like at the end? 'Things That Are Savory'? That would be the hard, hard one.

Getting back to baseball: Savery worked five innings and barfed up four runs on seven hits, including a Kevin Frandsen home run. Frandsen! Alex Concepcion relieved Savery and couldn't get out of his inning, giving up four more Pawtucket runs. Well, three of them when Ehren Wasserman pitched, but still.

Pawtucket relievers Robert Manuel, Alan Embree, and Dustin Richardson provided 3 1/3 innings of hitless relief. Dustin Richardson worked two innings and got a couple of strikeouts.

Right fielder Daniel Nava was the RBI queen for the night with three. Nava hit a three-run double in the sixth inning.

1. Matt Sheely is in town. Gustavo Molina is off the DL. Three catchers? Uh-oh.
2. The Iron Pigs official website is actually really good.

Tonight! Brad Lidge expected to pitch. Fabio Castro goes for Pawtucket.

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