Bring your girlfriend to Pawtucket to see the PawSox fireworks!

These fireworks are HOTTTT and can be seen with the naked eye. They're also pretty HARD to light when they're WET. I'll bet Daniel Nava likes fireworks, too! And Brandon Moss was a noted fireworks lover!

July 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Fireworks. McCoy Stadium. Hit that if you like heat, big crowds, and have a high tolerance for people who never shut up.

But, seriously. These games sell out quickly. When I was a small girl, McCoy fireworks were the best. BEST. We never went to the games... we just parked in the general area and sat on the hood of the car. The traffic was always crazy. EVERYONE came.

Now they play songs I hate while they blast off. Like that one band I can't stand... you know, they sing songs like 'Here We Go' and 'Tonight's Gonna Be Fun'. I'm not saying their name. I could write one of their songs!

'Someone called me
and said we're gonna win tonight
because here we go
and we're gonna be on top
someone called me
and said here we go tonight
cuz together we can all party
and dance forever
someone called me
and said baby let's dance
because here we go tonight
start the party baby
take me in your arms
we are gonna win tonight!'

Voila! Grammy contender. Just add auto-tune.

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