5.7.12 Pawtucket Red Sox v Rochester Red Wings - Tectonics

Daisuke Matsuzaka WINS! and is one out shy of pitching five innings for Pawtucket. Final score 4-0.

Okay, good night!

Oh, wait, there's more stuff. Daryl Thompson got the start for Rochester, which is the Twins AAA team. Thompson pitched for five innings and only gave up one run, a homer to left fielder Daniel Nava. Daniel Nava, still here. What will become of us when he finally leaves?

After Nava's fifth inning showoffery, the Red Wings inserted Tab Jeff Manship into Slot Reliever for the sixth inning. With one out, Ryan Lavarnway hit a line drive single to center. Manship's response was to walk Lars Anderson. Ugh, baseball is hard. Baseball hurts. Walking people sucks.

Post-Anderson walk, Manship had Mauro Gomez to reckon with. Gomez hit the ball to center, perhaps deeply, perhaps not. We don't yet have that information. It got Lavarnway over to third, though, so thank you, Mister Helper. Has anyone scored yet? No? Danny Nevada took care of that with an RBI single. ZAP, 2-0 PawSox. And then someone else hit a two-run double. Scientists are still using a major mass spectrometer to decipher the clues, but I happen to know it was Alex Hassan, Manship Assassin.

Alex Wilson was Matsuzaka's personal reliever, coming into the fifth to get one last out with a couple of runners on base. Wilson got third baseman Sean Burroughs to ground out and got the win for Pawtucket. Will Inman and Mark Melancon got all those other outs.

Note: Daisuke Matsuzaka did not sell the park out.

alex hassan likes burnt food:
1. Lavarnway went 3-3. Pedro Ciriaco was caught stealing and made an error.

2. "I didn't discuss with the catcher what kind of pitches I wanted to work on, but I ended up throwing a lot of two-seamers and it ended up being a good practice for that pitch," Matsuzaka said. "I was throwing a lot of off-speed pitches. That's what I wanted to do. That's why I was shaking the catcher off a few times.” - McGair

3. "To many Red Sox fans, Daisuke Matsuzaka has always been a man of mystery. Granted, the language barrier has made it next to impossible for the American populous to get a firm handle on the Japanese import, yet judging by the heavy media turnout for Matsuzaka’s rehab outing for the Pawtucket Red Sox Monday, the right-handed pitcher is still very much a big deal in his native land." - I just wanted to spotlight an error by Brendan McGair. It's 'populace'.

4. Although Matsuzaka's start was described as 'strong' and 'solid' by many media kidz, McGair states that he labored and nibbled and danced around batters. SO WHICH IS IT? I gotta believe the local guy here.

TONIGHT! Ross Ohlendorf v either Cole DeVries or Liam Hendriks, depending on who you trust. I'm going with PawSox Keith, who says Hendriks. I might go, although it's supposed to be rainy. But I might go.

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