Baseball Sexual Frustration

How did I not know this existed? This is killer. I laughed and laughed and laughed some more. I absolutely recommend reading it!

Here are some good ones:

Tim Lincecum: "god he’s hot. he’s soooo hot. he’s so hot it hurts. lord help me he’s hot. the things i wouldn’t do to him. just imagine doing him with his hair wet…hehe(:"

"I can’t stand looking at Antonio Bastardo and not being able to touch him. The things I would do to that man would make porn stars blush. And ugh DAT ASS. I just want to bite it and smack it and jiggle it. Ahhhh so frustrating. ANTONIO COME TO MAMA."

"I want to snuggle Brennan Boesch. And then let him fuck my brains out. And vice versa. Several times."

"Like any fan I hate bad calls, but the way Angel Pagan expressed his anger last night made me want him to take it all out on me."

Let's see if we have any PawSox-y comments:

"I would like to be the meat in a Middlebrooks Sweeney sandwich sweet lord those boys are HOT"

"I know he doesn’t play anymore, but I would fuck the shit out of Scott Hatteberg." HAAAAAAA! This is one of my favorites!

"josh reddick infuriates me.
he just walks around acting like he doesn’t know how hot he is. god, i would fuck him so hard he would forget his own goddamned last name."

"I hated Jonathan Papelbon when he was in Boston, but now that he’s in Philly all I want to do is fuck him. He looks like he’d be crazy in bed."

Et cetera. Very heavy on Tim Lincecum stuff. I don't see it, but different strokes.

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