3.16.07 PawSox v. Rochester Red Wings - The Providence-Worcester Turnpike

Pawtucket WINS! 4-0 in 5 and a half. Rainout!

There was a whole two-sentence Pawtucket Red Sox report in the paper this morning. Chad Spann got a three-run homer and Jon Lester pitched two scoreless innings. Lester is a spotlight-hogger. I know that sounds callous because of his medical problems, but I'm not saying it's his fault. I'm saying that we all know what the real story is: Abe Alvarez picked up the win and even pitched better than Lester. Lester gave up a hit and Alvarez did not. Barry Hertzler picked up the save. Hertzler's Magic 8-Ball says: 'OUTLOOK NOT SO GOOD'.

So far, I cannot really root for Chad Spann. He is like a kitten hiding in a laundry hamper. No, strike that: he is boring. I'll have to talk to him and see what's going on.

In other news, I'll be having lunch with Jim Rice in a couple of weeks. He is the special guest at the PawSox luncheon. It's gonna be great, I think.

Let's be careful out there today.


Unknown said...

i hate it that i like your blog. because i hate other females who talk about sports. yet, i like your blog. it comes up every so often when my "abe alvarez" google alerts find it.

that said, we should do a foreign exchange program. if you ever want to make it up here to Lowell, I'll be happy to take you to a game. (i live across the street from the ballpark) if you'll go to a pawsox game with me if i drag my tired and huddled mass down to Pawtucket (and partake in my pre-game ritual of a scorpion bowl at that tacky little chinese place across from McCoy)

i just wanted to write something encouraging, because you're smart. and quote Baby Boy.

Jenks said...

Wow, thanks! What a nice lady!

I've never been to Lowell. It is harder to get Spinners tickets than Red Sox tickets.

Come to Pawtucket any time. I will annihilate a scorpion bowl.