MLB pitchers enjoy the occasional beer.

"There was a feeling in baseball that if the guy was winning games or hitting well, he couldn't be an alcoholic. He was just a guy who liked to drink. I was able to stay clean the day before I pitched. But I started after the game, and you could kiss my ass goodbye. I'd drink all night long. The next day, I'd try to sweat it out, but that night I'd get bombed out of my mind again. But I'd be good for the next two nights and not drink. Then I'd tell myself that I couldn't have a problem because I didn't drink the last two nights. In fact, the alcohol meant so much to me that I was going to perform as well as I could on the field so no one would take it away from me. For a while an addiction can motivate an athlete because you want to make sure you're being successful so that no one will force you to address your drinking problems."

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