give me one kiss and i'll be happy

Peter Gammons wrote some stuff that I don't feel like reading regarding Torii Hunter. Torii Hunter recently had a talk with the Thrillsome Threesome of Elijah Dukes, BJ Upton, and Delmon Young. Mostly with Elijah Dukes, because he is the guy that gets in the most trouble.

From what I understand, Torii Hunter gave him quite the dressing-down and told him to be careful about who he hangs out with. And then they exchanged phone numbers and promised to keep in touch. Torii Hunter is concerned about wasted potential. He cares. I care, too.

Torii Hunter has also intervened w/r/t Milton F. Bradley. Peter Gammons has said that when he was sick, he received a few cards from Bradley, which goes to show you that people are complicated.

That is all for today. Good night.

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