A few words about the infielders

I guess Jeff Bailey is officially not a catcher anymore. Although it was v. Boston College, he did hit a home run last night. And it was glorious. I know he is not going to replace Youkilis, but I wonder how much actual difference there is between the two. Oh, sure, KY gets on base more, but everyone knows how unimportant OBP is to ballclubs. It's more important to keep swinging until you hit a home run.

I keep forgetting Eric Hinske exists. Maybe because I didn't like him on the Blue Jays. He was just that one guy who whenever he gets in the box, you say, "I hate that guy." And not in a rational way, like Alex Rodriguez or Eric Byrnes or Carl Everett. Maybe you hate him because of his big ugly pumpkin head. Maybe because every time he gets called out looking he acts like a big fat baby. Whatever. It wouldn't surprise me to see him in Pawtucket some time this year. They're going to put him on the DL with some drummed up injury so they can get someone better on the roster. MARK MY WORDS.

Ed Rogers: straight outta Baltimore. Was it my imagination or did Don Orsillo mention last night that Rogers' real name is Pedro Something? I cannot find any evidence of this. I know that sometimes people like to Anglicize their names, but "Ed Rogers"? Come on!

Mike Lowell.. You know that dream when you're in bed and they fly through the window?

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