miscellaneous ST

Several Reds players took turns opening and looking through packs of baseball cards in the clubhouse on Sunday. When someone pointed out a Scott Hatteberg card, Hatteberg said, "I didn't think they made cards of me anymore."

"In 2004, Keith Foulke had the worst spring training I've ever seen in my life (with the Red Sox). I was like, 'How is this guy going to be our closer?' And then he's lights-out for us the rest of the year. It's spring training - it's hit or miss." - Arroyo (By the way, don't you think it's weird that Keith Foulke has not publicly commented on his retirement? Or has he and I've missed it?)

Former heavenly PawSox gloveboy Alejandro Machado hasn't shown the Twins much this spring, as he's had shoulder problems. MRI results show no structural damage.

One last thing: if you go to this website and hover your mouse over the photo of two guys seated at a computer monitor, you'll get a weird Red Sox related caption.


Jere said...

They must've been about to play Stanford.

Jere said...

Miscellaneous T! Damn, that one took me a while.

Jere said...

All right! I'll tell you all. It's because the apostrophe was in the wrong place. "Cardinal's." So it would be a singular Cardinal. Like Stanford. The Stanford Cardinal.

Jenks said...

Okay, thanks, I get it now.