it's too bad I'm so hung up

What is with the Akon thing? Every time I turn around, there he is. On TV, on the radio, in magazines. I seriously do not think he is that good. He is only slightly better than R. Kelley. R. Kelley is one of the cheesiest R&B people ever. R. Kelley sucks.

"It's the remix to ignition
Hot and fresh out the kitchen
Mama rollin' that body, got every man in here wishin'
sippin' on Coke and rum
I'm like 'So what, I'm drunk!'
It's the freakin' weekend, baby,
I'm about to have me some fun!"

That song has only one thing going for it: it reminds me of driving from Tampa to Fort Myers... glorious.

I did not intend to discuss R. Kelley, but if you start me up I never stop.

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