Nomar Bowl 2003

I do have both a DVD player and a VCR, but I cannot have both operational at the same time. Recently, I re-hooked up my VCR and started watching things like 'Aspen Extreme' and old episodes of MST3K.

Found an old tape of the Nomar Bowl in 2003. Nomar Bowl was an annual event where local celebrities and other people went bowling for charity and auctioned off jerseys and golf games and all of that. The coverage they provided was highly unsatisfying, unless you have a huge Nomar fetish. It was all Nomar, all day. If you pause the tape at key moments, though, you can see people like Brandon Lyon and Todd Walker and Damian Jackson. John Burkett, super-deluxe bowler, is nowhere to be seen, although they do mention that he was there. HOW COULD THEY OVERLOOK THAT? I wanted to see a master in action!

Ron Jackson had it going on, though.

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