Justin Sturge Ruins Everything

Rochester beat Pawtucket yesterday 13-3. Lester gave up two runs in the first and then again in the third. Rob Henkel was also in the house. He gave up two runs. Then in the ninth Justin Sturge gave up six runs.

Doug Mirabelli hit a solo home run for Pawtucket. It's a different Doug Mirabelli - not the Boston backup catcher who doesn't wear batting gloves. This Doug Mirabelli is a reed-thin blonde kid from St Louis who plays the outfield. Try not to get the two confused.

I got most of this information from the Providence Journal web site. However, the Journal does not think it's important to report anything about Rochester, like who pitched? You'd think that when a team scores 13 runs, you might want to mention a batter or two who contributed. But why waste ink on that? Who really cares, right? Not only that, but I have had no luck finding ANY other information on this game... my heart can't take it.

I don't know anything about Justin Sturge, so let's learn together! He's a pretty big lefty that pitched in Lancaster/Portland last year. You want more, click the link. I am exceptionally busy.

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