te vas a emocionar

How many more jocks can they squeeze into Pawtucket? How many points could you get with the word 'squeeze'? Imagine laying that bitch down on a Triple Word Score!

Halo-head Brandon Moss and lean Texan David Murphy will keep their eyes on the Benny's and Honey Dew signs in the outfield this April. Ochoa is still up in the air. Kevin Cash will be squatting down behind opposing hitters.

A swell chap from Venezuela, Alejandro Prieto, will hang out in the infield and possibly play shortstop. This is good because I can still wear my "I LOVE ALEJANDRO WHO IS AN INFIELDER" t-shirt.

I know the PawSox aren't a really real team or anything, but they can only do better this year. It would be nice if they made the IL playoffs. April 13th is going to be the most exciting day of my life. Aside from my Hawaiian wedding, of course.

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