stay with me until i die

I had to take a short break. I know how burnt out I got last season and I wanted to freshen up while I had the chance.

Six months. Here we go.


Anonymous said...

This blog has become daily nourishment for my intellect. After spending hours correcting elementary school writing, your sentence structure is most refreshing! Thank you for waxing poetic. I especially enjoy the intimate photos of your personal life. Quite brave to share!

Jere said...

They're not... forget it.

Jenks said...

Yeah, I don't know. I think that was written by a robot.

Anonymous said...

My steel heart is dented by this realization. Woe is me!

None of this is real?

Jere said...

I'm finding out this blog can be enjoyed on differet lvels. Like, if I think of JS as this person who travels the globe taking pictures of strangers whose hotel rooms she stays in.

Anonymous said...

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