that Reds game the other day that we lost

Hideki Okajima felt like 'a caterpiller or something' in his green jersey.

I have it on good authority that Chris Denorfia is a raging a-hole.

Mark Bellhorn said some nice things about Alex Gonzalez. Both those guys are OK in my book.

Kyle Lohse did a good job, eh? The Reds... you know, they look pretty solid. Not great, but much better.

Jeff Bailey's still in the big camp! YEAH, JB!!!

Someone said that pitching coach Mike Griffin should have to wear a Pawtucket cap. While I don't think they should require that, it would be so cool if Griff flew the P. RJ, too. Like, 'Yeah! Pawtucket! WHAT?!"

Whatever the guys did after the game, it could not have been as cool as what I did that night, which was seeing Hall and Oates in concert. While they were buying eight dollar cocktails at Club Fantasies, I was at Mohegan Sun having a few milkshakes and singing, "She's Gone"! Take that, Manny Ramirez!


Jere said...

You know what's really funny? The second I read "Hall and Oates in concert," I thought, "Mohegan Sun."

I've seen (randomly) Heart (one sister only) and Jefferson Starship (no Grace Slick) there.

Jenks said...

There's this one intersection where you're getting pretty close to the casino and you have to take a left. We mistakenly took a right and there was this old Hebrew campus that'd been all boarded up.

It may have been the creepiest fucking thing I've ever seen in my life. We got stuck in the wet, wet snow and it took forever to get the hell away from it. I kept waiting for the guy in the hockey mask.

I love Heart.

Jere said...

Oh, you "coming from the east to the casino" people. It's a whole different experience for you I guess. But on your way out, no matter which way you're headed, you've always got the option to "Return to Casino." They might as well put up a sign that says "We know you've got more dough than THAT. Turn here."