Iron Lion Zion

So Javier Lopez and Kyle Snyder catch on with Boston. I am really happy for Javier Lopez even though the wind blowing through McCoy will be that much lonelier. Again, fellow lefty reliever Craig Breslow is probably super pissed. I wonder who had a better spring?

Brian Corey and Craig Hansen will be in Pawtucket. I feel like I've been sold a bill of goods with regard to Craig H. Wasn't he supposed to be The Answer? Wasn't he going to come to Boston fresh out of college and be SuperKid in the bullpen? You can't really blame ALL of his problems on excessive carousing. He looks sort of out of shape to me, but that's just observational.

I read in the paper that Hansen will not be the closer in Pawtucket. Newsflash: They don't really have closers in Pawtucket. They mix things up too much. Starters become relievers. Relievers go up and down. Too much tinkering to have a solid, defined bullpen. Don't be so stupid your whole life, newspaper.

Albertos Concepcion and Castillo, both catchers, gone. Castillo was traded for some asshole named Corey Keylor, a Baltimore outfielder. Concepcion was signed by the Dodgers.

Lenny Dinardo is doing quite well for himself. He may end up Oakland's fifth starter.

Marc Deschenes has been set adrift on memory bliss. Even if I hadn't had a massive crush on him, I would tell you that he is a really, really good guy who worked hard every day. He's a minor league free agent, but I know that he'd rather retire and focus on his business ventures than sign with a non-local team. Also, his girlfriend looks like a stripper.

Chris Smith and Devern Hansack will also be in Pawtucket. I could be Hansack's new best friend!

For now, I'm JS. Good night.


Anonymous said...

Marc is very hard working in his baseball and his gym. But what I really won't to know is what his "Woman" looks like hair color body give us the low down

Jenks said...

She has blonde hair and wears a lot of makeup. Typical baseball girlfriend. I'm sure she's an amazing woman.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info.
But the sweet cheeks I see at all the games Marc pitched had long brown hair and a large chest.A fox!!!

See Ya at the ballpark :)