I Go Oh No

Bad news, gang. Minor league free agent and super-swell guy Trent Durrington has been signed by Cleveland.

I could use this space to reminisce but I'll rein it in a little. We'll probably get to see him in Pawtucket with the Buffalo Bisons. Or we could take a field trip to Dunn Tire Park. I hear it's wicked nice.

Last April the Pawtucket Red Sox were playing a 16-inning game v. Rochester and Durrington helpfully came out and pitched three innings. He only gave up one run. If some little Australian infielder comes in for THREE INNINGS and you don't score more than one run then you haven't got a ha'penny so god. bless. you.

Yeah, Team T.R.E.N.T. is going to definitely pile into a van and go to Buffalo.

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Jere said...

Crap! There'll be LESS AC/DC at Fenway in '07.