Jenks said...

What you can't hear the dog saying: "You want me to answer that?"

Kim said...

This hotel/motel image sprinkling you've got going is quite engaging. I can almost smell those lifeless bed spreads.

I do love german shepherds. Even though one (named "Gypsy") snapped at me and grazed the side of my eye when I was about 6. It was an exceptionally hot day and I clearly ignored the advice of my elders when they cautioned me to avoid the dog. Live and learn.

Jere said...

This is the second time I've told this story tonight:

When I was, like, 13, I went to Thanksgiving at Nana's house, ready to show the family how I could spin a basketball. Everyone was impressed and supportive of my talent.

However, my Uncle Jerry simply said, "Tricks don't score points."

He had a dog--a German shepard named Gypsy. One of the many dogs who turned me off to dogs.

Jenks said...

I had a German Shepard when I was around ten. Her name was Diamond and I loved her. Then one day we couldn't find her... turns out she'd been shot and killed.

I was living in the West, where that kind of thing happens, I reckon.

I think we've all got an "Uncle Jerry" in the family.

Kim said...

Sorry to hear about Diamond. That's very sad.

My first dog was also a German Shepherd. He was hit by a car. Twice. He survived the first one, but he ran sideways after that.

He had a thing for motorcycles. He died chasing one.