Shut up! It's the Orioles starting lineup!

Brian Roberts 2B
Melvin Mora 3B
Nick Markakis RF
Miguel Tejada SS
Aubrey Huff 1B
Ramon Hernandez C
Kevin Millar DH
Corey Patterson CF
Jay Payton LF

Cesar Crespo was sent to minor league camp.

Sweet lefty Erik Bedard is going to pitch on opening day, Daniel Cabrera is still wild, and management thinks Hayden Penn is immature and needs some serious AA... Attitude Adjustment!

I almost met Millar once. Opening day 2003 the game was rained out and everyone was pouring out onto Yawkey Way. Suddenly I realized that one of my sisters was walking with some dude in a black windsuit.

"Who is she talking to?" I asked my other sister. And it was Millar. So we caught up to them and they talked to him for a couple of minutes. I didn't have anything to say so I just watched it all go down.

I don't think he realized that you can't just walk down Yawkey Way with everyone else. But at the same time, no one else had noticed him. Just my sister. Who never wrote an account of this event even though I asked her nicely and it would not have killed her.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, you asked me to write about the game where Cubbage collasped right in front of our seats which I haven't done but I will. Soon. Or maybe you were referring to Lucky.