glass-eyed tiger

Will be posting lightly for the next few days and probably won't be talking baseball. Wow!

Of course, I may change my mind tomorrow and write extensive posts on Carlos Febles, my adventures at the ballpark in Arlington, and what kind of pizza I would buy for Charlie Zink before I pistol-whip him.

I am like a house of cards. Or pancakes.


Jere said...

I'm thinkin' that title has to do with Glass Tiger's "Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone," since you won't be posting as much, maybe. But why the "-eyed"? I can't find any evidence that Calvin there has a glass eye. I can live with not knowing on thsis, though.

Jenks said...

Glass-eyed Tiger... just a song I had stuck in my head. It's a Halo Benders song and Calvin Johnson is in the forefront.

Jere said...

I had Indian Summer in my head yesterday. It was because someone said the words "wild cherry."