People who died

Optioned to Pawtucket: Brandon Moss, George Kottaras, Craig Breslow. Man, Breslow must be PISSED!

Ed Rogers, Runelvys Hernandez, and Travis Hughes were sent to minor league camp. This is where they play the show's opening theme, but more slowly and without the words.

Javier Lopez and Kason Gabbard are still hanging around.

I feel as though I do not give enough attention to Craig Hansen. That is because you can read about that guy anywhere. If you haven't noticed, I prefer writing about people like Jermaine Van Buren and Matt Capps and Luke Allen. I will say this about Hansen: A big part of the reason they sent him down to Pawtucket to 'rebuild his confidence' was that he was partying too much in Boston. Moron.

I wish I knew what a simulated game was. Do you face nine batters? Do you deal with baserunners? Do they put cardboard cutouts of people in the stands?

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Jere said...

I don't know, but I always end up hearing things like "Hideki Matsui batted nine times..." Actually, Schilling said on his blog that Varitek "hit every inning" the other day in his simulac game.

I saw Jim Carroll do a spoken word thing at the old Tune-Inn in New Have-ski. It was good. That song is one of those that I swear I sing in my head almost every day, because there's some common noise I'll hear that triggers the song. Only my version goes, "They were all my friends, and they died, grandpa doesn't like Mr. 155" and then goes into the solo from "Keep Your Hands to Yourself" by Georgia Sattelites. Don't ask me why this happens to me, but it does, over and over again. Let's see a dolphin's brain do that!