7.10.10 Fabio Castro still has the ability to surprise himself.

1-0 Syracuse Chiefs. Everyone is nice to Hottovy even though inside, they are seething. Especially Castro.

Fabio Castro will do whatever you ask of him, evidently. I suppose that's the life of a player like him... Castro impressed many people with his five near-flawless innings. Randor Bierd was less than perfect during his two innings, like the sixth inning when he walked a couple of Chiefs. But Bierd struck out classy guy and major clubhouse presence/veteran influence, the venerable, lovable, huggable Kevin Mench.

But it was poor Tommy Hottovy who ruined the night for the home crowd. In the eighth inning, Boomer Whiting doubled and stole third. Hottovy intentionally walked Seth Bynum to put runners at the corners, and Chase Lambin hit the ball far enough to left to score Whiting. That is why Lambin is an All-Star. And there's your one run.

Chiefs starter Matt Chico went seven deep inside this game... three hits, a walk, and four strikeouts... YES.

1. Wait, what? Argenis Reyes went 3-4. Bubba Bell and Bates got the other two hits. All the hits were singles. All Bread's singles were hits. And Aubrey was her name...
2. A list of relievers in any given multiple-reliever game always sounds like a law firm. Last night's match was brought to you by the law offices of Garate, Bergmann, and Wilkie.
3. Wow! This woman could be my sister.
4. Please read PawSox Keith's game summary. He always does such a good job.
5. And this is only tangentially related, but worth a look. Because I said so.
6. Chase Lambin played in Japan. Interview here somewhere, Lambin's very own big boy blog here.

This aft! Fugly redneck asshole from Texas should be a big draw. Jeff Mandel starts for Syracuse. Then nothing more...

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