7.2.10 Guess who knocked the Yankees out of first place?

5-1 Pawtucket. The new kid, David Phelps, took the loss. Michael Bowden emerged victorious and celebrated with whole milk and scones.

God, fucking Juan Miranda. Where the hell did he come from? Juan Miranda was the DH for Scranton and of course he hit a home run. Miranda just kills Pawtucket. Want me to whack him?

Bowden pitched seven 2/3 innings and only gave up that Miranda solo homer. Bowden threw 102 pitches, 69 for strikes. So he had a really good start. Again. I would love to see more of this, but who knows?

Who's that man? It's Randor Bierd, come on! Bierd is back and he finished the game after Bowden and held Scranton to zero point zero further runs.

Pawtucket spread its runs out thinly, essentially scoring one run per inning in picket fence fashion. Bubba Bell continues to be a ferocious mash machine. Bell went 2-4 with two RBI. Apodaca also had two RBI, going 2-4 with a double. And Tug Hulett probably went home happy, going 3-4 with two doubles.

Little weaselly copycat Ryan Kalish hit two doubles? Just like Hulett? Damn, alright.

two things:
1. Both Jorge Jimenez and Ryan Shealy went 0-4.
2. Here's s good thing about Reddick: He got Reid Gorecki out at third base.
3. “I’m a confident guy,” said Bowden, who lowered his ERA to 3.77. “I am definitely having success bringing it out.” - Times Leader (PA)
4. Yeah, Peter Gobis! Check out his game story/Bowden assessment here. Good stuff.
5. Jeff Natale was sent to double-A Trenton so Miranda could get on the roster.
6. Hmmm... I hadn't really thought about this, but could Bowden be traded? "Bowden has seen his fair share of both ups and downs in his time with the Red Sox. He has been one of the highest rated prospects in the system and has pitched successfully during brief stints at the major league level, but he's also struggled at times. At twenty-three years of age, Bowden's ceiling is gradually declining from where it once was thought to be, but he still has the sort of stuff that could translate well on a consistent basis in the MLB." - Over the Monster
7. Attendance for this game was over 12,000. I would have loved to see this game, even though I avoid the park on crowded weekends/holidays.
8. "The big news last night concerns the continuing surge of Michael Bowden. Yielding just one run in 7.2 innings, Bowden has now ripped off 7.5 good starts in a row and seems to have rebounded from a rough 2009 and a slow start to 2010. Bowden’s star had clearly fallen and at the beginning of May, it looked like his future with the organization was in doubt. But he has pulled it together, pitched beautifully for the Pawsox, and now figures into Boston’s 2010 plans." - Back to Foulke
9. Official scorer Bruce.. Guindon? That's who it is, right? Anyway, did he make a mistake? "Mike Vander Woude just reported that the reason there were four earned runs — not three — on the line against Phelps is that the official scorer forgot about the dropped foul pop up by Vazquez in the sixth inning." - Donnie Collins!!
10. Mike Vander Woude. That guy knows how to party!

Tonight! The Iron Pigs! TY TAUBENHEIM!!!! JIGGA WHAT? I can't believe I have to miss Ty Taubenheim and Knight Rider!!! FML.

I love you so.

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