Return of the Fly

Everything's returning to normal tonight. Pawtucket's playing Syracuse for the 100th time, but I don't mind because this year the Chiefs are action packed.

Hear me? ACTION PACKED! Also, Clifford the big red dog will be there.

I said I was going to keep working, but aside from posting a couple of dumb photos, I did nothing. I attribute this to being super lazy.

I am not sure who's pitching tonight (probably someone like randor bierd or Kris Johnson), but tomorrow night it's Buchholz and then Beckett on Saturday. It's a 5.5 hour drive, if you're up for it.

Guess how much I like the city of Syracuse?

Pawtucket is currently 41-49 and 4th in the IL North division, which has six teams compared to four in the other two divisions.

Other notable numbers:
1. Bubba Bell's .304 AVG puts him at fifth in the league. Bell also has the highest OBP on the team (.371). He certainly got handsome this year!
2. Aaron Bates still leads the team in games played with 84. I heard that some people hope he gets a minor injury so someone more interesting (although certainly less hot) gets a chance to take his place.
3. Ryan Shealy, who has only appeared in 18 games for the PawSox, leads the team in home runs with 12. Everyone else should be ashamed. JOSH REDDICK AND LARS ANDERSON.

Ooooh, I have a lunch appointment that I cannot miss so this will have to wait. See you soon!

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