And here's to you, Brendan Donnelly.

One of my all time favorite relievers, Brendan Donnelly, has been DFA'd by the Pirates.

And now I won't get to see him when I go to Pittsburgh.

I am taking this much harder than I should. Like TT after she found out she didn't win the lottery.

At least I have... Neil Walker?

No, at least I have Garrett Jones. I feel better already!



Steve G. said...

Aw :( Do the Pirates still have that fat AAAA first baseman? Steven Pearce, was that his name? If not, maybe they could find out where Ken Harvey or Roberto Pantagine went off to.

Jenks said...

Pearce has mostly been in triple-A this year. Was he really that fat? He came to McCoy a lot with the Indy Indians.