I left my name to turn you on.

The following people have blown town:

Joe Nelson
Boof Bonser
Angel Sanchez
Kevin Frandsen

Some new people:

Blake Maxwell
Argenis Diaz
Daniel Butler
Ryan Shealy
Rich Hill
Juan Apodaca
Tommy Hottovy

Kevin Cash:

Kevin Cash

Kason Gabbard:

More like Kason Crap-bard!

Yeah, I know Kevin Cash is in Boston, but... isn't he really in Pawtucket? Wandering around and wondering where Pauley and Zink are hiding?

Hang on:

Tommy Hottovy is back in Portland and doesn't know what day it is.

Dead or alive:

Zach Daeges
Mark Wagner


Alex Hassan
Matt Sheely
Ryan Khoury

Are you almost finished:

Darnell McDonald
Daniel Nava
Dustin Richardson
Niuman Romero
Felix Doubront
Robert Manuel

By the way, this picture is awful:

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