7.18.10 I need to speak with you, Gil Velazquez.

It's very important that I talk to Gil Velazquez. I can probably wait until poster night, but no further. I hope it's not like the whole Enrique Wilson thing, where I showed up at Poster Night to show him my very ugly Dominican vase and he had quit baseball the night before.

Or like last year, when Billy Traber never signed autographs for ANYONE, only he did it in a really smarmy way that was awesome, and then poster night came and all the autograph people were like FINALLY BILLY TRABER WILL HAVE TO SIGN, HA HA! But he'd been called up.

And then after the last home game of the season Billy Traber signed autographs after rejecting the sawhorse people all season long. One woman shouted, "We love you, Billy!"

And Billy Traber said... oooh, I kind of don't want to reveal his answer but it was really funny. I'll tell you later, I promise.

Billy Traber was just released by the Mariners. I think he will be okay.

I told you that to tell you this. Last night Pawtucket lost to Syracuse. Coello gave it all up like your mom did at Riverdale High. The game started at five and no one on the PawSox noticed what a beautiful sunset there was, or contemplated their wasted years...

love is all i am:
1. The melancholia of Bates/Anderson is dwindling, as L.A. is tumbling into a hitterish summer. WHAT NOW, AARON BATES?
2. Maybe Jed Lowrie is feeling nostalgic. Maybe he'll stick around because he wants to go to Columbus and Toledo? I was in Ohio when 9/11 went down, it was so weird...
3. Pawtucket lost 3-0. Matt Chico pitched seven innings. Romero, Anderson, and Reyes got a hit apiece and that was it.
4. Juan Apodaca has nailed base stealers 30% of the time in 2010. Last night, he allowed three and caught one.
5. Bubba Bell got the night off. Maybe he was looking at the clouds and smoking in the park... or buying Boston street maps?
6. Chase Lambin... No, I am not falling in love with him.

Tonight! Jeremy Hermida. 'Hermida' sounds like an STD. But yeah, you should totally go. And I am not apologizing for breaking format today!

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