7.17.10 PAW @ SYR - Argenis Reyes is windy and wild.

Syracuse wins! Finally! 9-5.

I saw Dusty Brown on TV last night! Television is his friend... he looked terrific.

Santo Luis turned a lovely night at the ballpark into a shocking, horrific, Suspiria-type bloodbath. Oooh... saturated! Pawtucket was up 4-3 and everyone was hitting and then... El Santo. Can I call him El Santo? I don't think I can not call him El Santo and I'm sure everyone else does...

Luis kickstarted the seventh inning with two singles and a walk to load the bases with no one out. And then Seth Bynum, who no one cares about, hits a grand slam. TAKE THAT, LAMBIN!

Luis was eventually replaced by the ferocious gambler Tommy Hottovy, but Pete Orr (who, evidently, only plays third base no matter what) hit an RBI single to make it 8-4. Mark Wagner, pictured at right, left the game with a knee injury.

Pawtucket managed to squeeze out one more run in the bottom of the ninth, but it was totally lame.

Chiefs reliever Colin Balestar got the win. I'm sure that makes up for a lot of things. Catcher Carlos Maldonado, who is so great, hit a home run to help his team out.

built like a car:
1. All this Syracuse business has made me more of a Nationals fan. Is that weird? I feel like I know these guys. Does anyone in Rhode Island know more about Chase Lambin than I do? I DOUBT IT.
2. Didn't Lars Anderson triple last night, too? Anderson doubled and tripled. Niuman Romero hit a home run. Someone else did, too... that tall guy who wears that stupid mallrat hat.
3. Randor Bierd pitched two innings and they were a tornado of loveliness. No hits or walks and two strikeouts.
4. Tug Hulett at third? He is no Pete Orr.

I hate major league rehabbing so much, because the player's performance overshadows everything else and I can't find any good game info. Do you think I LIKE talking about Pete Orr? I'm digging for gold and coming up with earthworms.

So there's today and then tomorrow, when Pawtucket comes home to play the Toledo Mud Hens for a few days. Last time the Hens rolled into town, they brought Dontrelle Willis along with the Caravan of Crazy. Now, they're Willis-less and feeling the great absence of HESSMANIA!!!

Should be fun. I will be there every night. Come say hello!


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