1.19.07 Providence Bruins v. Springfield Falcons: The Haitian Invasion

Springfield WINS! 3-2

Mug Night tonight!

Say, there were a lot more people in attendance than I thought there'd be. Let's hear it for the minor league hockey subbacultcha!

The game was tied after three periods, so we got sudden death and then a shootout. I have never seen a shootout. What's more, I never knew such a thing existed. So that was good. I thought the P-Bruins (that's what we call 'em) should have won. During the third period, they had possession of the puck way more than the Falcons. But Springfield's goalie was balls-out and didn't let anything get past him, which is I guess the most important thing.

All in all, the game was exciting and I got a free mug. I also paid ten dollars for the "yearbook", which is rip-offery of the highest order. There was not even a schedule in it. Not very smart. But, hey... there's a player named "Zinger" on the team. What's better than that?

I'll be back at the Providence Civic Center tomorrow night for the PC basketball game. Opponent: Rutgers. But first, the Pawtucket Hot Stove Party! Everything's coming up Millhouse!


Anonymous said...

Your cuffs are bone dry. I'm going to b-ball tomorrow night, too. Free tix.

Anonymous said...

Nice Pixies reference.

Anonymous said...

yeah i got that one, too, with the subba. I got a Black Flag two above this one.