Felix Hernandez has slimmed down.

And the Mariners are dragging Jeff Weaver on board as well. I love the Mariners, did you know that? I mean... Ichiro... Edgar Martinez...a tradition of contending (almost got that wild card in '03!)... that glorious, glorious park.

If I could have one single wish, it would be to see the Mariners play their first game of the year against the Boston Red Sox. I could truly die happy at that point. But that probably won't be until September or something. I'm not worried about getting tickets to a Mariners game late in the year! I mean, who wants to see THAT?

In other news, I now own my first pair of honest-to-goodness lucky socks. At about 10:30 yesterday morning I said to myself, "Do I REALLY want to go through this again?" And I almost just logged off. Because of the anguish and disappointment thing.

But I hung in there and then suddenly... okay, Opening Day tickets sold out, but I was at least IN THERE! I aimed for the first day of the homestand v. Cleveland but that was a no go... so I got WALKWAY ADVISORY loge bx. for the second game. I have sat in w. advisory seats before and it's not bad. And then when it comes time to type in all my info I get anxious because there's a time thing and I'm so fucking glad my name isn't like Eugenia Q. Wigglebottom of 14000 West Apple Orchard Viewcrest Circle.

And that's just crazy. When it asked if I wanted to add another game, I saw the YOU HAVE 90 SECONDS TO COMPLETE THIS FORM and panicked and just x'd out. Tried to get in again... cut and pasted the address and tinkered with its components which entailed my counting games and weird stuff like that. I don't know if my genius aided me or not, but I got back in again a few minutes later for a D-Rays game. I'm one of the few people that prefers the Devil Rays over the Yankees when it comes to matchups, so, yay, lucky me.

So by 11:45 I had maxed out my 8 ticket limit and I was done. Thank Socks I decided not to quit! The black spot denotes the PRECISE LOCATION of my Indians seats. I contacted NASA and together we used charts and graphs and chemicals to pinpoint the spot on the seating chart. I am going to sell two of the four seats at some point.

The yellow spot is just a blobby approximation of the Devil Rays tickets. NASA was getting all needy and clingy and I'm a single successful lady.

I am without question more thrilled that I got in and got tickets more than I am about actually attending these games. Isn't that unhealthy?


Anonymous said...

Opening Day wasn't part of this sale. Will be a separate random drawing.

I got 10 tickets in one day back during the AprilMaySept sale. Still waiting for those to arrive. So we'll see how serious they are about that 8 ticket limit.

The Ms did have that one year where they won, like, 237 games but saw the Yankees in the playoffs and turned to jelly. Terrible job by that squad. I like the old fork M logo and the old baby blue, though.

Good call on that one thing. I love the games, but they're still fourth on the list: 1. getting tix. 2. going to the game. 3. Being at Fenway. 4. the actual game.

Jere said...

Crap! All my old comments are attributed to anonymous now! Terrible job, blogger. I saw that on another blog, too. Now I get it. The switchover did that. I guess. I check my own blog's old comments, and they're fine. But I thought I saw one that was switched to anonymous. I don't know. Either way, terrible job by Blogger. The opposite of Blogger WINS!