1.20.07 PC Friars v. Rutgers Somethings: basketball!

PC WINS! 78-63

My first ever basketball game! I didn't know what to expect, since whenever I flip past a game on television, it just looks like a lot of running back and forth and jumping. But last night, I saw precision and deliberation. Execution. Dedication. Consideration. Multiplication. Precipitation.

Sheraud... Sharaud... whatever. Curry. He is the short guy. Herbert Hill is the beast. There was a dance squad and it was stupid. I can see cheerleaders, but not nine ladies dancing. I learned about fouls and conferences and zone defense. It was quite a spectacle. I would do it again, since it was an exciting yet reasonably priced sporting event (eight dollars).

I think I may have liked the hockey game a little better, though. I like faces mashed up against plexiglass.

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