Ponson A Go-Go

Yay! Minnesota signed El Sid to a minor league deal. I'm so excited! Damn, he's huge in this picture.

The Twins' starting ro. is effed right now, what with Liriano out for the year. So who do they have aside from Santana? Boof Bonser? Carlos Silva? Here's hoping S. Ponson busts it out this year. I am rooting for him and the Twins.

Aubrey Huff's on the Orioles this year and probably the following two. I would just laugh and laugh if the Devil Rays finished ahead of Baltimore in the AL East.

Cumberland Farms has these 99 cent cookies that are insanely delicious. The brand is "Bakery Fresh" and they're soft plain cookies with smudges of strawberry or raspberry goo in the middle. They are far superior to Chips Ahoy. I would eat one right now but I am in a wicked rush.

I want to go to a PC Friars game tomorrow night. I've never been to one and now I'm burning for it. YES!

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Anonymous said...

"Sid Viscous."