Kaori Shinogi, Mother Goose and juken jigoku

I had an actual conversation with Father recently, and in between being an American version of Charles Winchester the Third he mentioned a few of the differences between Japan baseball and US baseball, thus recounted:

1. They use smaller balls.
2. They are allowed to different balls of different densities during gameplay. The umpires must approve this, though. You can use lighter balls in deep, deep parks and thumpy dense balls amid shortporchery.

He encouraged me to look it all up. I didn't get much out of my internet search, but now how bad do I want a Japanese baseball vacation?

If you're a baseball player, you can do a vacation like this, which would probably be the number one thing you do in life. There has to be a travel agency that does kickass baseball
vacation packages. Maybe I'll drop Collette Tours a line.

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