Corrective action

Found this replica jersey being sold on eBay. The seller was describing it as a commemorative Johnny Damon jersey, since he rehabbed in Pawtucket in like 2004.

Well, I don't think JD ever came to Pawtucket. And furthermore, I was at the park when they gave those out. It is, in fact, a jersey-like t-shirt that commemorates the 25th anniversary of baseball's longest game. That's how they looked back then, see.

So I had to let the seller know in a nice, non-Simpsons comic book guy way. Never underestimate the power of ' : ) '. They were very appreciative and immediately altered the listing.

Nice work, seller!


Anonymous said...

So what's the significance of the 18?

Jenks said...

Okay... that I don't know. I can only assume it's Boggs.