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One of my co-workers (the family I never wanted) loaned me his copy of "Interviews From Red Sox Nation", written by one David Laurila, who I apparantly cannot stop talking about.

What you need to know is that this book is fucking great. Have you ever read a player interview on redsox.com or something? Are you sick of the four thousandth response to "How great is it to be part of such a great, historical, amazing and great organization like the incomparable 2004 World Series Champions the Boston Red Sox?" ? Do you need to hear Varitek wearily defending the pitching staff AGAIN? Would you like to stay up way past your bedtime and keep glancing at your faux-wood grain clock radio as it gets closer and closer to the time you have to get up for work? YES.

I realize that I'm probably the last lady on earth to read this book, but I'm sorry. I had to read Sammy Sosa's horrible book first. Ah-CHOO!

While we're at it, Quotes of the Year '06!


Jenks said...

Grammarians: Is the hyphen in "faux-wood grain" kosher or jank? It's bugging me for some reason.

Anonymous said...

I guess it depends if your grain is faux wood or your wood grain is faux.

Wood grain itself isn't hyphenated, and so when you add the faux, you'd put a hyphen after the faux.

Faux-wood grain.

Or you could could just not use a hyphen at all, I think.

Wait. Actually, I don't think you use one. Because "faux" is a word by itself, not a prefix. Just another adjective, tryin' to get by, while being ridiculed for its beret and striped shirt. It's not like "anti" or "sub." For example, "faux finishing" is not hyphenated, and I think that's the most common use of "faux," outside of "faux pas," which we won't delve into here.

Faux wood grain WINS!

Jenks said...

Thanks for breakin' it down, Hammer. I have a tendency to overhyphen.

I almost hyphenated that.