even when I'm with my boo

Blessed be. I have 4 tickets to an Indians game so I can burst into tears when I see Trot. I am going to sell two of them. My boss has said that he would very much like to take his kid to his first Red Sox game. My boss is a good guy.

Other voices have been telling me that I can easily get 200 per. That's a hell of a profit for a poor lady like me, who regularly gets her utilities cut off and has to GET CABLE TV BACK FOR BASEBALL SEASON! I drive a FORD, for crying out loud. I still have dial up internet. I can't afford an iPod. I can't keep myself in meth. And you really should see my curtains.

So what do I do? Hook up Force or see what eBay gets me? Who are you talking to? Generosity is one of the best cheap highs around.

I'll sell 'em to the boss. My boss is a good guy.

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