one day this ground will break and open up for me. i hope it will. i hope it will.

Member how the Minnesota Twins picked up Giants' AA dude Brian Buscher? I just came across his scouting report (shhh!):

"Stocky player who is going wrong direc. Body is getting worse. Dumpy lower 1/2. Low energy. Barrel chested. Sets up open and off plate. Short arms make it hard for him to cover plate. Swinging off his back ft. Very slow bat. Swings like he's in a swimming pool. Makes contact and clean contact but ball goes absolutely no where. Must've raked w/aluminum. Takes some of the worst swings in the league. Rolls over lots of balls. Can't go the other way with authority, in fact he can't pull the ball with any authority. Gd feel for bathead allows him to make contact against soft stuff but power is essentially nonexistent for such a big strong guy playing a premium offensive position. Gets blown away by gd stuff. Don't see much in the way of offense @ upper levels. Mediocre raw power. Defense seems to have gone backwards
as well. Not likely to be able to stay @ 3B @ upper levels. 2B is out of the question with slow ft. Basically looking at a guy who belongs @ 1B from a defensive standpoint. Bat won't play anywhere. Should get back to AA next yr but can't see him moving any higher. Don't see org. value."

Do you think the players ever see these? Because that has to sting a little. Never knew scouting reports said stuff like "swings like he's in a swimming pool" or "dumpy lower 1/2".

Good luck with your fat defensive liability, Rochester.


Anonymous said...

needs mor current hairdo. looks like b arthur circa 87. hits like her 2. prob smellz bad.

Unknown said...

1 plate of hot steaming crow coming right up. I somehow stumbled across this blog after doing a google image search for Brian.

That scout deserves a raise! Especially considering Brian's now in the big leagues, hitting .350 in his short time up so far, and starting at 3B. Oh, and he was the Twins Minor League POY last year.

A raise? Why stop there ... how about GM?!? Ferrr sure.