Talkin' Patriots

New England WINS! and I am out ten dollars.

It was a close one. King of America Tom Brady was off to a bad start. Lovers lied and poets dreamed. The albatross and the whale, they are my brothers. It looked like the Chargers were in.

With minutes to spare, the Patriots came back and won. I'll bet you were pretty excited about that, weren't you? Well, not me. My heart went out to Ladanian Tomlinson and his crappy coach. And his teammates, of course. But mostly Tomlinson because he is handsome.

Plus I lost a bet. To paraphrase Marcel, I am not cut out for gambling.

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Anonymous said...

The Chargers gave that game away. Then I here the EEI people talking about how great the Pats are. Is this why people hate the Red Sox sometimes? Wait, the EEI people all talk shit about the Red Sox, even when they are doing well. So maybe not. Either way, I was not happy. I wanted the Chargers, and they had it.