Ryan Khoury v. Bryan Corey

Ryan "Ryno" Khoury is a smallish twenty-two year old kid from Utah. You may have seen him in Pawtucket last year, playing the infield.

Khoury only played in nine games in Pawtucket. He spent most of '06 in Lowell. Since he started 2006 still in college, he struggled a little bit in the low minors (the wooden bat thing). Defense still needs work, but he's a good, patient hitter. I imagine he'll start '07 in Portland.

DL interview on BA

RHP Bryan Corey is an older gent who's been all over AAA. After being released by the TX Rangers last year, he pitched but one inning in Boston. Mostly, BC hung out in Pawtucket. He looks like... well, he looks like a stern farmer who lives all alone in a busted, greywood house on a crab-grassy and dead farm and probably kills people who trespass. And even some people who don't. He keeps their bodies out in the barn.

I realize that this is not nice. I hope Bryan Corey is not one to Google himself.

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