Nomar's younger, less-talented brother.

Another awesome scouting report, this one on Michael Garciaparra:

"Athletic MIF who is learning how to play the game. Med. frame. Lower 1/2 developed. Narrow upper body. Strength coming but has yet to translate to game. Sets up pre loaded like his brother. No stride. Doesn't have strength or batspeed for swing. Contact is weak in BP and game. Can't drive a ball into the gap. Aggressive, hits early in ct. Hands blown up by avg stuff. Can't see him developing into big league hitter, while I am sure he has made some strides since signing he is still a long, long way away from being anything more than an easy out. Swing isn't projectable, doesn't make gd contact so you can't see any power developing. Fringe avg runner, out of the box quick. Runs hard. Doesn't have defensive tools to be a SS. Arm strength fringy, playable @ 2B. Hands not very soft and he is prone to careless errors and unnecessary throws. He will be pushed and given every opp. to move up based on where he was drafted and who his bro is. Will find it very diff. to get out of AA."

Is it wrong that I find these so entertaining?

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Anonymous said...

Is this the same gal as the other report? (Using female-default. Why not?) It reminds me of the Phil Hartman character. The doctor. All he delivers are baby girls. 100 %. Amazing. Until we discover he says, "Sometimes, a little girl is born with a penis and testicles..."

It's like this scout is playing god with these kids, is what I'm saying. The better they are, the worse the report. "Oh, this one...don't get me started on him. Will have extreme trouble getting beyond A. Definitely not as good as I was. You know, before my injury."