8.22.10 PAW @ BUF - Game 2

7-5 Red Sox in this seven inning game. Where did all these runs come from?

Both starters, Coello and Adam Pettyjohn, worked for four innings. After four innings, the score was 3-2 Buffalo. Pawtucket tossed in Robert Manuel, Buffalo used Puerto Rican bombshell Jose De La Torre. I can't imagine going through life with two spaces in my last name. What a bitch filling out forms.

Robert Manuel gave up two runs during his two innings, but De La Torre gave up three. With the game tied in the seventh, reliever Chad Cordero walked Niuman Romero with two outs. Wait, that was awkward.

Bisons reliever Chad Cordero entered the seventh inning with the score tied 5-5 and got a quick couple of outs before walking shortstop Niuman Romero. (Much better!) Bubba Bell followed that up with a single and Aaron Bates, King of the GIDP, singled to center, scoring Romero. With two outs!

And then Lars Anderson singled, but it was a cheap hooker of a hit, going right to the pitcher. Whatever, Bubba Bell made it home. 7-5. How does that feel?

sex shooter:
1. Robert Manuel gave up two runs in the sixth after nailing the fifth, one two three. Russ Adams hit a solo home run off Manuel. No... Hang on, it was Nick Evans who homered. Sorry.
2. Aaron Bates hit a home run. Mark Wagner and Gil Velazquez each doubled.
3. Fernando Cabrera got the save. There will never be anyone better looking than Cabrera in the bullpen. The man is unstoppable. If I were a scout, this would mean something completely different. But I am just a lady.
4. Here's what Russ Adams did: He tripled. Well, that and disappoint Blue jays fans worldwide.
5. Buffalo had to be very careful in this game, since two of their players left game 1 with injuries and some other guys were called up or attending their sister's weddings. There were only nine position players.

That's the whole boring story. Tonight! Kris Johnson, Dillon Gee. Ugh, I hate Kris Johnson.


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