That's impossible.

Yesterday, nothing happened. I've never seen you looking so sad, my funky one.

The Iron Pigs/Red Sox game will be made up some time between August 18-21.

Some numbers:
1. WHO leads the team in intentional walks? Bubba Bell, 3.
2. WHICH Pawtucket player has grounded into double plays more than anyone? BATES.
3. WHO leads the team in total bases with 149? Reddick!
4. WHICH player has been hit by pitches more than anyone? Daniel Nava, ten hits, and none of them hurt, bro.
5. WHO leads the team in plate appearances? Aaron Bates by a long shot with 420.
6. HOW many games did Darnell McDonald play before being stolen by the Fat Team? Only 10. And he is never coming back.
7. WHO leads the team in walks with 53? Tug Hulett, deceased.
8. Okay, that wasn't funny. Hulett lost his brother in a car accident 15 years ago. That's really awful.
9. Lowest amount of games played by a non-rehabber: Two, Daniel Butler.
10. Most stolen bases: Ryan Kalish! That's what you wanted me to say, right? But no, it's the Bunting King of Small Ball Niuman Romero with 13!

some people say:
1. Chad Paronto has pitched in more games than anybody. (44)
2. Oldest pitcher to work at McCoy this year? Alan Embree, age 40, pitched in 8 games.
3. Most games started? Tie between Johnson and Mills. (20)
4. Rich Hill's only appeared in 14 games, but he's got more balks than anyone (2) and more hit batters than anyone (6). Geez.
5. Michael Bowden has the most wins, but holy god, it's only 6. Wow, this team really sucks.
6. 13 = Number of home runs given up by Johnson, leading the team.
7. Wild pitch leader: Dustin Richardson with 6. Yeah, Richardson's pretty wild. He rides a motorcycle in the rain.
8. Kris Johnson has pitched 112 innings. Fabio Castro has pitched 76. Castro, however, only has one less walk than Johnson (43 to his 44).
9. Team errors leader: Jorge Jimenez (9).

Tonight! The Buffalo Mets. See you there!

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Steve G. said...

It's been a pretty forgettable year for the Pawsox, yeah :/ Outside of the brief performance by Kalish, before he got called up, and the good work by Daniel Nava. Maybe they'll call Iglesias up for a bit?