Things I Have Never Understood About Baseball

1. Why does the pitcher slowly walk back to the dugout after the end of an inning while the rest of the team kind of hustles?

2. How do outfielders not get like a million mosquito bites?

3. Why do players have to wear a jacket and tie when traveling?

4. How do relievers spend all that time together in a confined area and not want to kill each other?

5. Is the chance at making serious $$$ as a catcher worth the pain and injury risks? Do the pitchers get on your nerves when they ask like a million stupid questions?

6. Does it suck being a 'clubhouse leader'? Who would want to take on that role?

7. When they talk about veterans sort of mentoring younger players, are they doing it out of the kindness of their hearts? Why would anyone want to put in that much extra work?

8. Why can't they have facial hair in Pawtucket? What possible difference could it make?

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