8.5.10 PAW v SWB - An Unexpected Game Result

5-0 Red Sox! No! YES!!

Lefty reliever Fabio Castro has done one million things for the club and last night's game was the best of them. Castro pitched five shutout innings and got seven damn strikeouts. CASTRO STRUCK OUT THE MIGHTY JUAN MIRANDA WHO ALWAYS KILLS PAWTUCKET!!

So that was a lot of fun.

Castro had a 2-0 lead to work with when Ryan Shealy hit a two-run homer in the first inning off Yankees starter Ivan Nova. Nova pitched six innings and gave up all five runs on eight hits.

Nova's night ended after the sixth, when Nava led the inning off with a single and Saltalamacchia doubled (his first Pawtucket hit!) to send him home. It would be the first of two doubles hit by Saltalamacchia.

Aaron Bates hit a two-run homer shortly thereafter to bring the score to its resting place: 5-0.

Really, really ridiculously good-looking relief was provided by Robert Manuel, but you knew that. Manuel got the last out in the sixth after the lefty, Tommy Hottovy, handled the first two.

Michael Bowden pitched the ninth without further incident, aside from a walk because WHERE THE HELL WAS THAT BALL, UMP? LOOKED LIKE A STRIKE TO ME!!

The Yankees opted to use filthy righty Romulo Sanchez to finish off the game and that kid has some nasty shizz. He turned the seventh and eighth innings into a Pawtucket FlailFest.

the jam kids on the vespas and glum looks on their faces:
1. Poster Night! As usual, I am a little surprised at how handsome many players are up close. Felix Doubront? Very handsome! Jack Hannahan? HANNAHANDSOME! (I'm sorry.) Tommy Hottovy? CUTE. Aaron Bates? SMOKING. Kris Johnson? I HATE HIM!

And Fernando Cabrera, the sweet glaze on the cherry on the icing on the cake on the TV tray. Un. Stoppable. It's not even fair.

2. Santo Luis may be one of the most enormous human beings I've ever seen. Holy god. What else? Gil Velazquez is so freaking nice to the fans. I wish he was my uncle.
3. "Player of the game: Pawtucket starter Fabio Castro, a diminutive left-hander who used to pitch out of the Phillies' bullpen, held the Yankees without a run over his five innings to pick up his first win as a starter. He allowed only three hits and struck out seven." - from the Times-Tribune
4. Attleboro's Peter Gobis did a nice profile on Ryan Shealy here.
5. Jack Hannahan hit some balls way hard, but was not rewarded with a hit.
6. Who better to give an insider tour of McCoy Stadium than some guy who's only been here for like two months? Dusty Brown and Gil Velazquez must have had the sniffles.
7. Donnie Collins is disappointed in Ivan Nova.
8. Yankees outfielder Colin Curtis on Robert Manuel: "He’s one of those unusual pitchers in that he doesn’t have anything overpowering, but he seems to get guys out. You watch him and he’s not throwing overly hard or it doesn’t look like he has any great out pitch. But he gets in there and gets everybody out." Hey, it's Mike Scandura!
9. Bad baserunning: New kid Yamaico Navarro was picked off and caught stealing.
10. Maybe Juan Miranda ain't so bad: Miranda went 0-4 last night. He will have his vengeance.

Tonight! RHP Zach McAllister v Kris Johnson.

One final thing: The way some fans behaved at poster night yesterday was reprehensible. The org's trying to do something nice and fun for everyone and jesus christ, people were bitching about everything!

"That's not how they did it last year! Come on!"

And this classic line from a guy behind me after the gates didn't open immediately at 5:00 - "That's why this organization's such a mess!"

You don't say? First of all, the organization's a mess? I hadn't heard! Second of all, yes, of course the reason a baseball club would be a 'mess' is because of the way they handled their promotional events. That's exactly why. Asshole.

Anyway, great game! See you soon...

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