Something sweet, something Josh.

I am now going to atone for saying very bad things about Josh Reddick. I don't need to and I don't have to, but here's a cute story.

In June I went to Louisville. I may have mentioned it.

I was at the ballpark and the game had just just started. A dark little bird fell from the sky and just lay there on the field. It didn't flutter down like it was flying... It kind of tumbled through the sky and into the grass. The top half of the inning played out and not much happened that would involve the infielders, so the birdy was still and untouched.

Pawtucket came out to take the field and Josh Reddick approached the bird. A Louisville Bats staff member dashed out onto the field to remove it.

Josh Reddick gently picked up the little bird and it flew away. Aw.

My trip was a lot of fun, by the way. Aroldis Chapman lived at our GreAT hoteL. He drives a... Well, I don't wannna say, but it's the Italian sports car with gull-wing doors. Cream colored. I kept seeing him around the premises and he signed a ball for a friend of a friend.

I feel better.

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Steve G. said...

Awww! That's a cute story.

The tale of Chapman's sports car, less so.