8.6.10 Pawtucket Red Sox v Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees

9-5 Yankees. Starter Zach McAllister got five strikeouts during his 6 1/3 innings of labour. Pawtucket didn't score a run off ZA until the sixth inning.

McAllister didn't start stumbling until the seventh inning, when he gave up three consecutive singles to Navarro, Brown, and Velazquez with one out. Reliever Royce Ring jumped into that fire and pretty much immediately gave up a double to Josh Reddick. Okay, maybe not 'immediately', I wasn't there. Reddick could have fouled a few off.

Reddick cleared the bases and tried to make it all the way to third, but center fielder Greg Golson relayed that shit right over. OUT! But the score went from 6-1 to 6-4, giving the crowd hope that would later be extinguished by Chad Paronto. Paronto gave up three more runs in the top of the eighth before he was replaced by Fernando Cabrera, who got the last couple of outs.

Reddick led off the ninth inning with a home run and, uh-oh! Bases loaded with one out for reliever Jonathan Albaladejo! But neither Aaron Bates nor Yamaico Navarro felt like doing something nice for the fans and rather selfishly struck out. What a couple of jerks.

But none of that is as important as blaming everything on Kris Johnson. Five runs on seven hits in four innings, Kris? Was that the best you could do? I think you've really let your whole family down. Especially Mom, who sacrificed so much...

pointed sticks:
1. Santo Luis got into the game for a couple of innings and the Yankees scored a run... He will get it together someday. Maybe. Probably.
2. Cabrera had another good outing, going 1 2/3 with no hits.
3. Jack Hannahan hit a solo home run in the sixth. Reddick wound up going 3 for 5 with that phat double and a home run. Yes, that's four RBI you see there. I know, I know, but I'm not ready to start fellating this guy yet. YET.
4. The Yankees hit seven doubles! Five of them were off Kris Johnson, the other two off Paronto.
5. Ryan Shealy went 0-5 with a strikeout.
6. Eric Wordekemper pitched and I'm only mentioning it so I can tell you that he's an asshole. Total dick to the fans for no reason. I mean, who the hell are you?
7. "Evidently, Santo Luis means Wild Pitch Appreciation Day in Espana." HA! (from the always terrific Donnie Collins live blog)
8. DC also says something nice about our local radio guys: "The Pawtucket radio announcers — who are terrific, by the way — are talking about an actor named Cliff Curtis, saying that he looks like someone’s still photograph..."

Tonight! Ramon Ramirez, David Phelps. Is that an earthquake?!

Yeah, sorry. It's just an earthquake.

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