Laughter: The Best Medicine

I had a pretty awful day yesterday, but this late-night exchange on the Sox Prospects message board brightened it a little:

Guidas: "Any word on the lack of the Kalish in the game this evening? On a drive north perhaps?"

Arquimedez Bozo: "I'm not going to say that you're wrong, but to speculate ANYTHING based on a guy getting a night off is silly, never mind a guy that's had a hip flexor issue on a team with four outfielders."

Yeah, Guidas, quit being so silly!


Steve G. said...

Arquimedez Bozo is as good a psychic as Arquimedez Pozo is a fielder.

Anonymous said...

Well look what he said tho. Hes right in his logic and Kalish wasnt even promoted until 230 the next day based on NESN's interview.

Jenks said...

So are you saying he got the night off for a completely unrelated reason? I doubt it.