The Million Dollar Usher

After the five years thing, I kind of toyed with the idea of revealing some PawSox secrets, but I really don't want to go there or shatter your image of Chris Carter.

In lieu if being smutty, here's a true story of justice. This is all second hand information, but the sources are good and reliable and I have no reason to disbelieve any of it.

As an employee of the Pawtucket Red Sox, you are not supposed to bug the players for autographs or whatever. I don't remember this from the rulebook when I worked there, but then that was like 45 years ago. At any rate, don't do it.

There was an usher who we'll call Orb. I remember Orb - Seemed like a perfectly decent guy. Did a good job ushing. Friendly and well-liked. But he broke the rules! Or did he? Orb was reportedly off-duty when he solicited autographs, but this did not stop him from being FIRED! for it.

Orb did not take this lying down and sued the Pawtucket Red Sox Baseball Club for wrongful termination. He reportedly received over $1 million, season tickets, and all the free soda he wants to drink! YAY ORB!

By the way, it's funny how the whole autograph think is overlooked with certain employees. Me, I could give a crap. I think the whole thing is dumb. But I know there are people who take it really seriously...


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