4.15.11 Red Sox @ Chiefs - Daniel Nava walked three times.

Pawtucket wins! 8-2. Tony Pena gets the win in long, long, long three-inning relief. Syracuse starter Garrett Mock is really, really going to be called back up at some point, BUT! gets the loss here, pitching 3 2/3 innings and walking everyone, including his own catcher. Seven walks for Mock! And a balk!

Pawtucket starter Andrew Miller pitched four scoreless innings with three strikeouts and four walks. He threw 82 pitches, 46 for strikes. It's all written down and I believe virtually everything I read.

Pawtucket's offense came in mostly little chips and pieces and didn't get underway until inning 3, when Mock walked in a run to put Pawtucket up 1-0.

In the fourth inning, a couple of walks and a single loaded the bases and ended the night for Mock. At last. Lefty Matt Chico entered to face Reddick, who greeted him with a line drive to right, scoring Tony Thomas. Chico followed that up by walking Nava with the bases loaded. 3-0 Pawtucket.

Center fielder Ryan Kalish led off the sixth inning with a single. And then the greatest thing happened... Yamaico Navarro tripled! Remarkable! Chico then walked the next batter, Josh Reddick, who stole second base because Raul Chavez is not on the Chiefs. And after Chico walked Anderson, well, that was enough for Chiefs manager Randy Knorr. Enter Lee Hyde. (Who?) And... he's another lefty?

And guess what Hyde did? Walked in a run! No! Yes, Drew Sutton took a walk and Navarro scored. Hyde followed that up with a wild pitch to Tony Thomas, scoring Reddick. And Thomas singled to bring the score to 7-0.

An RBI single by Yamaico Navarro, who has completely surprised the heck out of me thus far, brought the score to 8-0 in the seventh inning. Syracuse finally decided to fight back in the bottom half of the inning with Tony Pena pitching. Center fielder Corey Brown led off with a walk and catcher Jhonatan Solano helpfully hit a home run to wipe away the zero.

Oh my goodness, what else? Bowden pitched the last couple of innings, continuing to be better than last season, closing in on pretty good, so maybe he'll put it all together this year. Maybe.

walking on the ice to my old school:

1. Pitcher Garrett Mock was ejected in the seventh inning. Had to be the strike zone. HAD to be. All those walks? Home plate umpire DJ Reyburn probably needed an escort to his vehicle after the game.
2. Garrett Mock's groin impeded him from pitching at his best. Read all about it here, because there are too many great quotes for me to include here.
3. Navarro and Reddick had three hits apiece.
4. I was right about Mock's ejection: "I ended up telling the home plate umpire how I felt about the game. It was a heat of the moment thing. I’ve never been ejected in my life." Terrific job, Lindsay Kramer.
5. And Pokerguy315 comments: "Both teams were getting squeezed pretty hard by a home plate ump who must have felt he got paid by the hour. After Mock got tossed, Chico got screwed hardcore on some very borderline ball calls. Frustrating when an ump wants to be the focal point of the game with awful calls throughout"

So not only is DJ Reyburn behind the turntables so Richard Dawson and Brett Somers and Charles Nelson Reilly can dance, but he's also devilish with the K zone.

TONIGHT!!! Welcome home, everybody. Brandon Duckworth will face Buffalo's ... Fossum, I guess?

Thank you, this was fantastic.

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