Ramp Champ #35: Butch Hobson

Fucking shit, I am not even halfway through all of this!

Butch Hobson is a third baseman/MI who played for the Rhode Island Red Sox in 1976. He also managed the PawSox in 1991, so how about a little respect, dickbag?

And here we are in 1976. Hobson is 25 years old. He struck out a lot, but he also hit 25 home runs, which is usually how it goes. The 25 homers placed him at third place in the International League that season. And that is the dirty lowdown.

Pawtucket had a winning record under Hobson in '91, going 79-64 and winning their division. The team made it to the Governor's Cup playoffs, but was swept by the Clippers. You know... The Yankees' affiliate. A few years later, he had a very bad time in Pawtucket with the visiting Rochester Red Wings, which you all know about. Ain't no law against drugs.

Two things:
1. "Butch Hobson manages the Pawsox. He’s a real down-home Alabama guy, easy to be around. He invites me into the dugout on one of the minor league fields. His players take batting practice, and one of them hits a high foul that curves well back and down into a swampy area near one of Winter Haven’s many lakes. One of his players chases after the ball, but Hobson brings him up short. “Don’t be goin’ down there – the gators’ll get you,” he says. - Garry Brown
2. "[Mo] Vaughn, with whom Hobson worked every day of the last two years at Bristol and Pawtucket, said bitterly that Hobson had changed since being named Boston manager last November. 'Butch Hobson is not the same manager he was,' Vaughn said." - aqui

Butch Hobson's doing just fine in the upper part of the third base tower. I wouldn't mess with him.

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